About K-Consult, Inc.

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In today’s fast business world, organizations must meet the challenge of rapid change with dynamic strategies. The power and flexibility of SAP is the right long term investment in IT allowing your IT infrastructure to grow with your business as it grows in volume, scope and diversity.

K-Consult, Inc., is an owner-run company that provides extensive implementation experience and enhancements/maintenance service for over 30 years with the latest knowledge in SAP technology.

We demonstrate a strong commitment to excellence with an ongoing process of feedback, measurement and improvement. Our philosophy is reflected in our policies, which means offering outstanding professional consulting services while treating clients, employees and other parties with integrity, fairness, and the utmost respect, in order to establish a long-term business relationships.

We believe that key success factor for any consulting organization is the "Skilled Consultant-Power". Our consultants offer help and guidance in designing, implementing and managing competitive business processes within SAP.

Our services provide solutions to help your company meet its business goals and objectives through every phase of the SAP business processes implementation including Business Process Reengineering. Additionally, customer service is the top priority of our consultants. We are taking care for our client needs also after the implementation.

Software implementations in the old days were IT-Projects. This means only the IT-Department developed isolated solutions, forced by various kinds of legacy systems restrictions. Established business processes were results of technical limitation and organizational habits. We at K-Consult believe that SAP implementations need to be business projects.

Based on the fact, that all departments are involved from the beginning on, right decisions can be made faster and closer to the process requirements and needs. The elimination of continuously reviewing, re-assessing and re-designing of business processes reduces project-costs.

We want to enable our clients to take advantage of the integrative benefits of their SAP software as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.